Collaborative Care Team

  • Purpose: Work with employer groups and business coalitions on access to oncology care for their employees. 
  • Goal: Discuss the state of oncology for employers; what they are looking for; what are we able to deliver; create a template. 
  • Next Steps: The Team will work together to create a template that includes how to identify the players, their roles within each state; understand the book of business and state dynamics; how to start the conversation; and potential obstacles and pitfalls. 

Finance/Membership Team

Purpose: To provide financial oversight for the organization and server as governance. Responsibilities include bylaws, policy review, new member nomination and orientation. 

Marketing Team

  • Purpose: Branding of NOSN, responsible for marketing and communications. 
  • Goal: Ensure clear concise messaging of NOSN activities.
  • Next Steps: Issuing press releases, articles, creation of a rack card, creation of a Viewbook and website maintenance.  

Pharmacy Standards Team

  • Purpose: Ensuring reasonable interpretation of USP Pharmacy Standards through monitoring and influencing state activities. 
  • Goal: Develop resource documents including: 1) Intro to Pharmacy Standards; 2) Preparedness Checklist; and 3) List of known state activities. 
  • Next Steps: Monitor state activities and provide national best practice standards to each state so their practices may identify how they might fit under or comply with possible future enforcement. 

Program Team

  • Purpose: Coordination of the Annual Meeting. 
  • Next Steps: The Annual Partners Meeting will be held June 25-27, 2020 in Gulfport, MS. The focus will be on the delivery of cancer care in a rural southern state. 

State Legislative Team

  • Purpose: Monitor state legislation ensuring consistency across state lines and create state cancer caucuses.
  • Goal: Ensure consistent legislation across state lines, advancing cancer care at the state and national levels. 
  • Next Steps: Continue monitoring state legislation and continue working with individual states on the creation of a state cancer caucus.