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NOSN Partnerships

The National Oncology State Network (NOSN), was incorporated on April 25, 2016 in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is an independent, non-profit 501(c)6, action organization established by state oncology leaders to foster collaboration, share ideas, coordinate activities, unify the voice of the states, and generate rapid, coordinated responses to emerging challenges in order to cultivate improvement within each state and to advance the cause of cancer care at the state and national levels. 

NOSN participants determine priorities that they will jointly pursue. The identified focus for 2020 being "Patient Access Equality", the top priorities are:

  • Ensuring reasonable interpretation of USP Pharmacy Standards through monitoring and influencing state activities; 
  • Work with employer groups and business coalitions on access to oncology care for their employees;  
  • Monitor state legislation ensuring consistency across state lines, addressing: Prior Authorizations, Certificate of Need, Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM's), Step Therapy, Oral Parity, and Copay Accumulators.

However, due to the rapidly changing landscape in oncology, NOSN is also able to address other specific issues as they arise in a nimble manner. 

Become a Corporate Member Today!

The benefits include:

  • NOSN website presence with your industry logo and hyperlink to your company’s website;
  • Access to conduct, or participate in, informal advisory boards with NOSN Leadership and Industry panel;
  • Invitations for representatives to:
    • Attend the Annual Meeting of the NOSN Leadership,
    • Participate on the quarterly open-phone calls to discuss current issues.
    • Private face-to-face meetings with NOSN Leadership.
    • Participate on the various Team initiatives and phone calls.

NOSN believes the solutions for today’s problems in oncology lay with collaboration of all the stakeholders; patients, physicians and our corporate members.  NOSN and our partners will be more influential if our message is well conceived and uniform.  Our vision is that NOSN will be the incubator of new thoughts within cancer care and a promoter of shared ideas and resources, and advance the cause of cancer care at the state and national levels.

To become a corporate member, or to learn more about it, please contact: 

Nichole A. East, CAE
Phone: (909) 985-9061 ext. 2
Email: [email protected]